Alexis Sweet began working in 1981.

Worked on Feature Films and TV commercials as 1st Assistant
Director with filmmakers such as: Hugh Hudson, Steven Spielberg, Joe Pytka, John Boorman, Ridley Scott, Nick Roeg, Richard Loncraine, Spike Lee, Mike Figgis, Tsui Hark plus others over the years.

From 1995 to 2003 has made a number of wildlife documentaries in Africa for national parks and projects funded by the EU.

By 2002 he had shot over 100 Tv commercials for Italy, Romania, Germany, US, England, Kenya and the Middle East.

In 2003 upon meeting Pietro Valsecchi he was offered to direct 2 seasons of "RIS Delitti imperfetti".

The television show went to No. 1 in Italy and France.

Alexis Sweet is currently living in Rome.

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